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"I know you think I'm a coward Rex. But believe me, I will fight to my last breath to keep them safe."

—Cut Lawquane to CC-7567.

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November 28
Dates 1995 — Empire's End 2: Rage of the Emperor is published.

1995 — Droids: Season of Revolt 3 is published.

2001 — Republic 36: The Stark Hyperspace War, Part 1 is published.

2006 — Legacy of The Force: Tempest is published.

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Supply Lines By HoloNet Kamino

The Seige of Ryloth is raging. Though the brave soldiers on the surface have faught valinatly, they are still being pushed to the brink by the sinister droid army. The droids continue to batter that planet as Twileks and Clones alike gun them down and fight to their last breath. Ima-Gun Di and Cham Syndulla are desperate for aid. They are runing critically low on food and water. Droid bombers continue to destroy their remaining supplies. Desperate for aid, Ima-Gun Di contacts Admiral Dao engaged in a fierce struggle in space, to plead for supplies before it's too late. Admiral Dao refuses, saying that they as well are critically low on amunition and supplies. Ima-Gun Di disagrees and forces Dao to contact the Jedi Council, to recieve reinforcements and supplies. Dao hesitanly decides to contact the Council. Admiral Dao contacts the Jedi and explains that if help doesn't arrive soon they will lose the entire Garrison of troops. Obi-Wan Kenobi asks Dao if there is anything that the forces can do. A clone naval officer steps up to Dao Read More...


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...that the new Savage Opress episode is set to air January 7, 2011? src
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